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Butterfly Neeko




I started playing in season 1, found my way to the support role in season 3 and stuck with it till now. I do love to play playmakers on the support role like Thresh, Bard, Rakan, etc. who can change the flow of the game in a split second and never let it go again. I usually prefer doing replay analyses with trainees or going into normal games together (depending on the role You play and what you want). It might be possible that I will opt into going for 1v1 if I think it can help You. I am open for theory crafting, too or maybe even just finding your playstyle/ role if you are still searching yet. Pretty much for everything you can think off.

Discord: Niklas#2354



I usually set up appointments with trainees so we can take our sweet time when we both have time.



Very helpful coaching. Focused on what I needed to do to play better, also focused in-depth on what I could do at a specific moment of the game. Very understanding.



out of 5 stars

We did our first session on a replay of me jungling, he taught me how to track the enemy jungle. Tt was really helpful to get pointers on what to do! the session was for 2 hours and he was so friendly that we kept talking for a couple of hours more.



out of 5 stars

Niklas was a really good at showing me where i was lacking, what i was doing not wrong but what i can improve on such as ward coverage, spawn timers, my roam pathing. he covered alot of areas in a short session and would highly recommend.

obz on beatz


out of 5 stars

This coach is really helpful. Taught me alot about item choices, roaming choices, matchups, decisions in general. Would definitely contact again if possible

Sukidesu 2


out of 5 stars