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MId and toP LANE


Been playing since season 3. I've slowly gotten better every season (S3-bronze elo, S4-silver, S5-gold, S6-plat, S7-diamond, S8-d2) so I understand a lot of the mistakes that players make across all elos. During season 8, I started coaching 2 teams, one of them was a d5-d2 avg university B team that ended up going pretty far in playoffs in the cstarleague, which is a well-known university league. The other university team that I coached made it into the final 8 of ULOL and even played on stage in the LCS studio. Right now, I just coach my university's diamond team and we're still in playoffs. Point is, I understand a lot about the game and can express these ideas to players with confidence across a broad range of playstyles and champions.


Discord: Exver #2357


Pretty much anytime, however not too late in the night. Also not Tuesday afternoons.