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Mid and top lane

Jeg er et afsnit. Klik her for at tilføje din egen tekst eller redigere mig. Det er nemt.


I started playing in season 5, instantly fell in love with the game, and with help of plat diamond players, I got myself into diamond the second year I played. Didn't have a lot of motivation to go further than diamond, but who knows how it'll go this year. I kind off switch my way of coaching depending on the people I'm coaching. Some people prefer clear statements like "This was a bad move" where others prefer "You might've wanted to do ..... here". Still learning my ways in coaching.


Discord: Donny#6241

Depends on the day, I've got school from Monday until Thursday, but I also work Monday & Wednesday evening. So mainly Tuesday/Thursday evening, and Friday/Saturday/Sunday.




he is really good at analyzing my game, he helped me with my mana usage issue in early game and what should i do in mid and late game, im so thankful for him :)



out of 5 stars

Great coach, he made sure I was able to keep up with him, understand what he was talking about, explained a lot of what I was doing wrong and overall a really nice person.



out of 5 stars

Donny is one of the best resources I've ever had access to in my journey to becoming a better League player. He is patient and takes the time to discuss both theory and practical application. I would highly recommend Donny as a coach and mentor.



out of 5 stars