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mid lane


Been playing Mid lane since Season 4. I started out completely terrible at the game. Took me over 20 bot games to get my first kill. I’ve been hovering around D5-D2 for most seasons on several accounts.  The past two years I focused on the 5s experience in the league. I’ve competed and won tournaments against small different organs, as well as get a scholarship for playing in a collegiate level tournament. I have a good grasp as to what a mid laner should be doing to maintain maximum pressure on the map while also being able to help the team. Eventually, you’ll hit a point where the winning lane isn’t enough. You’re going to have to deal matchups you can’t get ahead in. And knowing how to safely get leads in ways outside of just getting kills will decide who the better player is.


Discord: Bill#5174


Typically available at night most days of the week. My schedule is a bit unpredictable due to class work but can always find time in the week to talk about League.



Really helpful coaching session and tips/tricks on how I to improve micro and macro.



out of 5 stars